General Assembly Acts

Acts of the General Assembly of the State of Georgia
Submitted by Greg Gray

Acts of December 23rd, 1833, page 54 of Acts 1833

Election to be held in Paulding County on first Monday in January, 1834, to select the county site of Paulding.


Act of December 27th, 1838, page 75 of Acts 1838

Section I Town of Van Wert made county site of Paulding County.
Section II Town of Van Wert chartered.


Act of December 28th, 1838, page 14 of Acts 1838

Woodson Hubbard, James W Nettles, Nash Stedham, Ed R. Morrison and Joel Flanagan, all of the town of Van Wert, incorporated as trustees of William Academy in the town of Van Wert.


Act of December 18th 1866, page 109 of Acts 1866

S. B. Pierce, J. A. Blance, J. F. Devers, John I Dodd, J. D. Waddell incorporated as Van Wert quarrying and mining company, with principal office at Van Wert in Polk County.


December 13th, 1866 – Eleven persons incorporated as Cartersville & Van Wert Railroad Co.


Acts of November 24th, 1871, page 167 of Acts 1871

W. D. Barber, Henry Banks and Henry Scott incorporated as Van Wert Slate Mining Company.


Act of October 18th, 1870, page 220 of Acts 1870

Section I The General Assembly of the State of Georgia do enact, That John R. Scurry, H. W. Allen, S. B. Pierce, Charles T. Parker and Rufus P. Heslip be, and they are hereby appointed Commissioners of the town of Van Wert, in Polk County, Georgia, with power and authority to make such by-laws for the Government of said town as may be necessary for the preservation of good order; Provided, said by-laws be not repugnant to the Constitution and laws of this state or of the United States.

Section II Be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That the said town of Van Wert is hereby incorporated, and the limits of the incorporation shall extend from the courthouse in every direction five hundred yards.