Van Wert, Georgia
Census Records

The 1850 census is the first time all household members were listed by “name”. It contains a lot of genealogical information that was not available on an earlier census.

In 1850, Van Wert was the county seat for Paulding County and will be found on the 1850 Paulding County Census.

In 1851 Polk County was formed from parts of Paulding & Floyd Counties. Van Wert happened to fall within the borders of the new formed county, so thereafter it was listed in Polk County.

Remember to check county boundaries when researching your ancestors. They may have lived on the same land for hundreds of years. They never moved, but were listed in different counties over the years.

1850Paulding CountyVolunteer Needed
1860Polk CountyDoris Robbins
1870Polk CountyAssigned
1880Polk CountyVolunteer Needed
1900Polk CountyVolunteer Needed
1910Polk CountyVolunteer Needed
1920Polk CountyVolunteer Needed
1930Polk CountyVolunteer Needed
1940Polk CountyVolunteer Needed