Cemetery Work Days

Van Wert Methodist Church
Work Days

Photos by Michael & Doris Robbins

We do not have any photos of how the church and cemetery looked before the large trees were cut out of the cemetery. If you have any photos or neswpaper clippings that you are willing to share, please let us know.

Cemetery Photos

May 27, 2003 Before work began that day.

Left side of Church and entrance to Cemetery before starting of “Work Day” May 27, 2003

“Volunteer” using push mower to “bush-hog” grass and left side of church near Dr. Joel Flanegan’s grave.

Three hours later May 27, 2003

Work in Progress.

What a difference three hours makes!!!

End of work day 2

Most of the cemetery to the right of church has been cut.
Still have one lot to the right and all of cemetery behind church and part of left side of church.

End of work day 3

All of the grass around the church has been cut.
We did not pull down the running vine on the church for fear of damaging the church building.

Boy Scouts Help

More Cemetery Photos

Some “after” clean-up photos of cemetery