Historic Church Minutes

Transcriber’s note:
This handwritten book was discovered tucked behind the wainscoting of a house located on West Elm Street, Rockmart or Cedartown, Georgia, when the house was being razed. I have not been able to determine the age of the home or the original owner. The house was destroyed between 1955 and 1958. The property was last owned and torn down by the Seaboard Railroad. The finder turned it over to Homer Morgan who in turn gave it to Hugh Watts Randall. Mr. Randall is a descendant of the Morgans who were prominent in the church and a prominent local historian.

“My name is Cassandra Robertson Newby and I am a descendant of the William Jefferson Thomas I mentioned in the church book. A copy of the original book is in the library at Rome, Georgia; I copied the copy and made the transcription to honor him, even though he strayed somewhat from the straight and narrow Baptist past.”

Van Wert Church Minutes